5534-46 Pulaski Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144
Phone: 267-385-7557
Fax: 267-385-7926

Management Office:  215-848-1133 x208

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Rules & Regulations

To Book an Event

  1. All tentatively scheduled dates are cordially accepted without a contract or deposit for maximum of (5) days from agreement.
  2. No oral agreement will be accepted. It must be in writing in advance.
  3. Contract must be signed with a deposit to secure an event date; also you must have a valid photo ID or proof of identification at the time of signing.
    • All contracts must be then signed by the Managing Member of the LLC to become valid.
  4. Full payment of balance is required no later that (14) days prior to the event.
  5. Breach of contract will forfeit all deposits and terminate venue event.
  6. All Promoter and 3rd Party Vendors must carry general liability insurance and must endorse the ownership and location. Breach of proof of general liability insurance will forfeit any deposit or credit received. Certificate of insurance must be submitted 30 days prior to event.
  7. Discounts do not apply for Private Event Contracts exceeding 6 months or Wedding Contracts exceeding 12 months.
  8. December or special Holiday Events have a premium pricing. Please inquire.
  9. Room load capacity is for 400.
  10. Security deposits are enforced for excess management or excess janitorial. We want to set up for next event not clean up. All clients are responsible for post clean up.
  11. All CASH payments are to be paid in the management office only.


    Up to 200 Guests = $250.00

    201 to 300 Guests = $350.00

    301 to 400 Guests = $500.00

*Invalid Signatures will Nullify Contract*

**An invalid Contract results in Cancellation of the Event**